191st Field Artillery




Robert E. Lichty


75th Field Artillery Brigade
168th Field Artillery, 181st Field Artillery & 191st Field Artillery

Steve Speer

Camp Forrest during World War II


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My  father, Robert E. Lichty died in 1967.  He had served in Europe during the Second World War but had never talked about his experiences.

He did leave his mementos from the war including the record of his unit, "History and Operations of the 191st Field Artillery Battalion.".

I have made this history available on the internet to share it with others interested in WWII history and to try to contact other soldiers in his unit.  If you have any questions about this website or have any information to add, please contact me.


NOTE: Don's web site is no longer on the Internet. I have tried to contact him but have not heard from him. - Steve

I have taken some of Robert Lichty's photographs from his son's web site and place them here for your viewing. If you can identify any of these men please let us know.