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Andreas Haegerich ahaegerich@web.de  


Email sent: Thu 8/26/2010 10:12 AM


Hi Steve,

Today a strange thing happened. I was watching a documentary on Elvis on TV, when I remembered that my father was a POW in Tennessee. Unfortunately, I cannot talk to him about this anymore since he died in October 2000. For some reason we didn't talk much about it when he was alive, which I regret somehow. I'm 35 now and a father myself and I wondered if the omniscient Internet offers some information about prisoners of war in WWII. So I started a little research this afternoon and I came across your page which I found very well done and interesting. Many aspects mentioned on your page remind me of some of the few stories my father told us about that time, e.g. some theatre plays put on stage by  the prisoners and that he was not treated like a prisoner but like a king after spending some time in an African prison.

There are some things which I would like to know and maybe you can help me. It is difficult to find some information about this special aspect of WWII in history books.

My father said that he had been captured in France and had been brought to Africa where he nearly had died from starvation. Then he was brought to America to Camp Forrest. I don't understand the reasons for this "journey" from Europe to America via Africa. Do you know anything about this?

If you like I can contribute some pictures. They show some scenes of plays, a funeral and views of the camp.


Andreas Haegerich