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Email sent: Thu 11/25/2010 11:08 AM


Julie McCall

Hello Steve,
I am sending this e-mail in regards to a conversation you had with Larry Chambers earlier this week. Since Larry does not have internet access,  he asked that I forward photos and a personal letter from Larry to you below. If interested in any items in the letter, please phone Larry at 615-355-2005. His schedule this holiday weekend: Wednesday night 7-10pm CST, Thursday Thanksgiving day 8:30am-11:00am or 7-10pm CST. He may take these items to the Nashville Flea Market to sell on Friday.

Dear Mr. Speer,

My friend, Julie McCall is sending you an e-mail concerning the four War Posters which measure 32”X26” which concern the 79th Infantry Division’s battles with Germany in World War II. I have listed below additional information concerning these posters:

Poster 1: To Belgium and Back with the 79th Infantry Division, 31 August to 25 October 1944, Major General I.T. Wyche, Commanding Officer

Poster 2: To the Rhine with the 79th Infantry Division, 25 October to 14 February 1945, Major General I.T. Wyche, Commanding Officer

Poster 3: Over the Rhine with the 79th Infantry Division, 17 February to 9 May, Major General I.T. Wyche, Commanding Officer

Poster 4: Through France with the 79th Infantry Division, 14 June to 29 August 1944, Major General I.T. Wyche, Commanding Officer

These posters are great drawings with the English Channel in blue, the towns and roads the soldiers traveled, drawings of soldiers and tanks, etc. Some of these posters have the following locations listed: Camp Pickett, Camp Blanding, Camp Forrest, California-Arizona Desert, Camp Phillips, P.O.E. England, Sante Mere Eglise, Valognes, and more. A small printers mark on the bottom of the posters says Printed by Fritz Busche Drucereiges M.B.H. Dortmund (Germany)

Would you have any interest in buying these posters from me, I am asking $40 each plus parcel post to Maryville.

I also have other World War I and World War II magazines, books and newspapers for sale listed below:

1. Background for War, Reprints from Time, May 1939, 19 pages, $15.00

2. U.S. Army Aircraft (Heavier than Air) 1908-1946 by James C. Fahey, 1st Edition, Copyright 1946, $20.00

3. Survival Under Atomic Attack, Reprint of the Official US Government booklet, 16 Pages, $5.00

4. America’s Army and it’s part in the Great War booklet, by W. C Both, 36 pages, $15.00

5. Infantry Drill regulations United States Army 1912, 54 pages, $15.00

6. Restricted Map, Regional Aeronautical chart Newfoundland, compiled for the U.S. Army Air Forces by U.S. Coast Guard, $5.00

7. Newspapers Nashville Tennessean or Nashville Banner -- some worn and yellowed, but readable, $10 each

7-1. Jap Peace Bib Believed Rejected in U.S. Reply August 11, 1945

7-2. Bombs Hit Tokyo while Japanese Debate Terms, August 13, 1945

7-3. Occupation Talked at Manila, August 20, 1945

7-4. Jap Envoy in a Hurry with Reply from Allies, August 12, 1945

7-5. Big Four to Accept Peace if Allies Rule Hirohito, August 11, 1945

7-6. Japs Given More Time to Sign, August 17, 1945

7-7. Quit Stalling, MacArthur tells Japs, August 17, 1945

7-8. White House Says No Reply Received Yet from Tokyo War Continuing, August 13, 1945

7-9. Japan Occupation in Next 10 Days Set, August 20, 1945

7-10. Jap Reply to Surrender Order on way to Capital, August 14, 1945

8. Eleven copies of Yank Magazine from 1944-1945, $10 each

9 Our Navy magazines #1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, $15.00 each

10. Manual for Privates of Infantry of the Organized Militia of the United States 1909,

Printed 1909, 185 PAGES, $15.00

Contact information for Larry Chambers, phone 615-355-2005, mailing address 514E. Kings Road, Smyrna, TN 37167

Thanks for your time and interest regarding these items.

Julie McCall for Larry Chambers