Bob Rogers 

Bob - Send me a photograph of your dad if you have one, or two, or three...



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Thanks for your response, Steve.  NO ONE seems to have even heard of Camp Forrest, and it is very satisfying to me to see so many people with that connection.  My father was an infantry officer in WWII; but he had learned trigonometry in high school.  So, they trained him in artillery.  I think he might have been in Camp Forrest for that artillery training - not sure.  He went to Europe and was in the Battle of the Bulge.  Came home with the Bronze Star with V device.  I am going to try to get all of his military records soon.  At the time he was at Camp Forrest, he and my mother lived in Manchester, I think.  He was 2d Lieutenant, Robert K. Rogers, in case anyone might have known him down there. 

Regards, Bob Rogers

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I hope you have a great trip. If you find anything we might post on let me know. 


Steve Speer


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I was born at Camp Forrest, and haven't seen it since I was about 3 weeks old.  I will be going through that area on my way to Washington, DC in the first week of July, and I plan to stop at the location where Camp Forrest used to be - just to see "where I was born".
Bob Rogers