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Chuck Tyler

Some of these emails were shared with myself, John Beck and Bob Seymour


Email Sent: Fri 8/8/2008


Thanks for your reply. Dad told me recently that after a guy got bit by a coral snake down there and died on the spot, from then on he slept up on the gun. Here's a picture of him and another guy sitting there (hard to see Dad because of the trees)... (1 Photograph)

Carol Tyler


Email Sent: Fri 8/8/2008

Awesome, thanks. Bob, hello. My Dad's name is Chuck Tyler and he was in Louisiana in 1941. Here's some pictures of maneuvers... (3 Photographs)

Carol Tyler

Email sent: Sun 8/3/2008

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Wow!!! I am so glad to hear from you. I would love to see everything you have! This is exciting. Is your Dad still alive? My Dad would love to talk to him and see the pictures.

Call me any time. My phone # is: 513-961-2835

 Hi Hie for the One-Two-Two!

Carol Tyler
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Email sent: Aug 3, 2008

CAROL: Just saw your entry on the Camp Forrest Web. Dad was also with the 33rd Division out of Chicago, he was with the 122nd Field Artillery. I have some photos he took while there from March 1941-January 1942...I sent the photos to Steve, and I'm sure he'll get them up soon...however if you want I can send some to you. I also have his Diary from that time period,
including the days before he signed up and his train trip from if you need some more info for your book, just let me know ......John Beck  eMailCall

Email sent: Fri 11/23/2007 8:14 AM


I ran across your site today and want to let you know that I'm in the middle of a graphic novel about my Dad & WWII that features Camp Forrest. I've been working from a wealth of photos he took. "You'll Never Know -- Part I" will be out in March of '09.

Dad started out with the 33rd Division and was transferred to the Post Engineers as a plumber when they had the big flood in 41 or 42. He ended up in Europe and the Bulge. Mom worked at CF as head of personnel. Chuck Tyler from Chicago and Hannah Yates from Spencer, TN.

They met there and married in '43.

Both of my parents are still alive fortunately, but are both almost 90.

They don't have internet, but I'll certainly tell them about the interest in Camp Forrest.

C. Tyler