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Hi  nice to hear from you,  and yes feel free to use the information from my web site,  I will also show my dad your web site, I am sure he will be interested to see it and read this email.
Dan Juckett
Daniel P. Juckett
On January 19, the men of the 78th began packing equipment for there move to the Tennessee Army Maneuvers.  The trip for the 78th took several days and Dad recalls stopping for the night in Jonesborough, Tennessee, it was Sunday and the men pitched there pup tents in a large field, the towns people came out and watched  just like a circus had come to town.  The General order the division band to get there instruments out and play church hymns, and the chaplain invited the towns people to join them in worship that night.  In the morning  the ladies handed out a bag of homemade cookies to each truck in the convoy.

These maneuvers were to last for nearly 3 months and have 4 divisions plus additional supporting units competing against each other in tactile exercises.  The maneuvers took them all-round the state of Tennessee.  With lots of rain the  maneuver areas were quite muddy and sometimes deadly, Dads knows of 2 incidents were 78th men lost there life's,  one was a man who was ran over by a truck at night while they were simulating blackout conditions, another time a pontoon bridge over the swollen Cumberland River  collapsed while 3 trucks were crossing, 3 men drowned that day and a fourth man who dove into the river and saved several men died  later from pneumonia. He did receive some sort of medal for his bravery that day.

Once again it was not all work for the men they did have the opportunity to visit Nashville, TN. and did the usual things soldiers did on there free time.

Daniel P. Juckett
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