Jean Pullen 

Major Semester Project World History
by Jacob Worthington
May 01, 2008

Jacob, I would like to express my thanks for sharing your project with all who come to this web site... you did a wonderful job and I'm sure that we all would congratulate you.
This web site has been a blessing to me over the years. The people who passed on to you their knowledge are precious, and the kind of which we see very few of these days. -Steve


Major Semester Project World History
by Jacob Worthington
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In an email sent Thu 5/1/2008 12:53 PM Jean asked a question concerning the POW huts. If anyone can answer please do so. Thanks -Steve

Steve, On one of your web pages, my son got this photo. (above) My mom and her friend do not recall seeing any huts; they said that the POWs slept in barracks.  Were these torn down when CF was converted to a POW camp?


Camp Forrest during World War II


Fri 5/9/2008 3:39 PM


Attached is a copy of my son’s interview with persons who had worked at Camp Forest. I edited it to remove the full names of his maternal grandmother and her friend. They are both very concerned about privacy since they hear so many bad things about the internet on TV. I received permission from both Louis Buzek and Linda Cole (see below) to forward this to you to post on your website (if you wish).  Send me a link if you do. 

Also, regarding my other son’s interview (that I had mentioned to you) with the Korean War Journalist, we are still waiting to hear back from him regarding comments and approval to pass it along…



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Wed 4/30/2008 5:10 PM


I found your email addresses on Steve’s great site on Camp Forrest.  My son is working on a social studies project where he is to interview someone involved in WW II as a civilian employee, soldier, POW, etc.  He interviewed my mom (born 1919), who was a stenographer at Camp Forrest, but she wasn’t able to remember much, so his teacher said he could supplement the interview with additional persons.  If any of you were an employee or POW at Camp Forest, and would be willing to help by answering a few questions, let me know ASAP.  This project is due Friday, so we have to wrap everything up by Thursday night (May 1).  We could communicate by email or phone.  Our phone. no. is below, or we can call you.

FYI, here are some of the questions he asked my mom.  They would be similar for someone else… If you could answer any of these questions below, it would be very helpful.  Thanks in advance if anyone can help. Go to QUESTIONNAIRE

Jean Pullen

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Thursday, May 01, 2008 10:47 AM


My name is Steve Speer, I own the web site and was wondering if you received any response. What started out to be but a small portion of another web site, over the years turned into a site that many folk are interested in. I hope it has helped in some small way. 

Steve Speer

Thursday, May 01, 2008 10:54 AM

Yes, Steve, thanks.  We received several interesting documents from Linda Cole.  And Louis Buzek said we can call him today for an interview.  We have to wrap everything up today…

My son got a substantial portion of his research material from your website!  As I can tell from the comments, everyone is grateful for the service that you provide.  Thanks for following up.


Thursday, May 01, 2008 11:04 AM


Please do me a favor; when the storm is over would you piece together an article of about the project, and the response to your questionnaire and the people who shared with you. I cannot pay anything but I love helping people who are searching to make connections with our past. My dad was in the military (I'm an Army brat) and he passed away a couple of years ago. He was a Korean POW for 3 years and would very seldom speak of the horror of prison life. I miss the generations of the past, I miss the wisdom and integrity they carried. I was always trying to help dad search for his "buddies" of days gone by. I am not asking you do this for me but to encourage others that they also can make connections and bring closure to lingering memories.

I will also put your sons report online in the web site if he would allow me to do so.


Thu 5/1/2008 11:40 AM

Sure, Steve.  I’ll send you a copy of Jacob’s report. Unfortunately, my mom and her friend couldn’t remember much...  We are looking forward to talking to Mr. Buzek.

My other son (Jacob’s twin), interviewed someone who was a journalist in the Korean War.  His tales, were very interesting, so let me know if you would like to see this as well.