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Camp Forrest during World War II


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I have a strange request, but I thought you might be able to help me.  My mom is now 85 years old and in really bad health both physically and mentally.  Recently, she began telling me a story about her first love, a Matthew C. Hunter, who she says was a medic in the Army stationed at Camp Forrest  before he was sent to Europe during WWII.  She said that he was from New Jersey.  She lived in Sewanee in that time.  She had an diamond ring that I believed my dad had given her, but found out after their divorce Matthew Hunter had given her this ring before he had gone off to war.  She told me that he had written her at least one letter that she knew of, but that her family had not given her the letter. 

Are there records kept of the solders that were stationed at Camp Forrest and would there be pictures of these soldiers? I think a copy of a photo of Matthew would mean a great deal to my mom at this point  of life.  I would be happy to come go through records if possible.

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My father served in WWII in the Army
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