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Steve, I am attaching a sketch of Camp Forrest that was done by a POW there about 1945.  My step-father served as an interpreter there during the war as he had been born in Germany and spoke the language.  We have a few more sketches done by prisoners and some of them are signed.  Is there a list of the prisoners who were at Camp Forrest?  

Thank you for your help. 


Linda Cole 

May 04, 2008 - Mistake Corrected: Sorry for the mistake Linda, it is corrected. - Steve

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Steve, could you please make a correction on the caption of the sketch of Camp Forrest that you have posted on your web site. The sketch was done by a POW at Camp Forrest. My step father (not father-in-law) was in the US Army and stationed at the camp. He was fluent in German and served as an interpreter. After his death we found several sketches that he had collected, all done by the POWs, not him. This sketch was signed, but the signature is difficult to read. It could be something like K. Ropns. On another sketch, it looks like Karl Ropns. I am fairly sure last name is incorrect. Thanks so much for taking care of this.

Linda Cole