Lloyd Lewis Adams
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Thanks for the note. I reviewed the new website re: Camp Forrest and found it very interesting. Since my last email to you I have experienced some changes. We no longer live in Maryville, TN. My wife and I currently reside in Harrisonburg, VA. I still have the same email address.

Also, in 2006 my mother Geneva Adams passed away. I miss her stories about Camp Forrest and all the friends she and my dad made at the post.

Do you know if Louis Buzek is still alive? I tried to call him at the number listed for him the 828-859-5570 number yesterday. I thought he might know have known my father M/Sgt. Charles J. Adams, since Mr. Buzek worked in the Headquarters Office at Camp Forrest.

Also, several years ago - 2003, or 2004 my wife, mother and I visited Tullahoma and met Bob Couch. Bob gave us a nice tour of the older areas of Camp Forrest. My mother really enjoyed this experience. Is Bob still alive?

Steve - Just wanted to give you some updated info, and ask about Mr. Buzek and Mr. Couch. Feel free to add the updated info though to my information.


Lloyd L. "Lew" Adams

PS I passed your name and information about Camp Forrest to Mr. Gregory Owens, who lives in the Shenandoah Valley and has written a book about a former German POW who was in the mid-VA area during WW2. Mr. Owens said he was going to send you an email. Mr. Owens knows quite a bit about German POWs held in the US during WW2 and the link to his book would be very helpful to the people interested in Camp Forrest, especially with respect to the German POWs


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My father M/Sgt. Charles J. Adams was a part of the initial cadre when Camp Forrest was activated in Feb. 1941, he served as the Camp Sergeant Major for the duration of WWII. He served with the Hq. Det, Section I, Service Command Unit 1457. I believe this was a part of the Fourth Service Command. I have several interesting photos of the post, my father, General Ben Lear and the NCO club. Does anyone remember M/Sgt. Adams.  If so I would like to correspond with you.
Also, my mother Mrs. Geneva Adams served as a civilian clerk to the Camp's Adjutant.
My father passed away in 1987, but my mother is still alive and tells very fascinating stories about the post.

Lloyd Lewis Adams
Maryville, TN
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