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Email sent: Sat 2/26/2011 11:52 PM

Subject: Basic Training Units


My Father Cpl Wm R Owens was called back to service in June 1940.

He had previously joined at Ft Oglethorpe, Ga in 1937 and went to Panama, as a Heavy Cannoner.

He served 34 months as a Basic Trainer before being sent to Camp Columbus, Mo and then served on Saipan as a Radio or Switchboard Operator.

He lived just a short way from Camp Forrest near Penile Hill. from 1917, until leaving for Camp Columbus.

The records were largely destroyed, in the infamous 1970's fire that destroyed a lot of Army Personnel records.

I have his discharge and enlistment etc but largely his history of duties are gone.

I don't know what unit he was in in Panama. The record of the unit id he served with on Saipan is now missing from my records.

If anyone has any record of his service etc, it would be greatly appreciated.

He was given a 30% Disability rating I think that went back to Panama duty.

He absolutely would not talk about Saipan except as a small child he talked with some neighbors. Everybody, in the neighborhood had been in WWII. He would turn away or retreat if asked.

On his death bed he recounted some things about being chased with sticks and knives. I think it was from Panama though.


Louis D Owens