Martin Mayer 


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Hi Steve

Greetings from Canada. I don't know what I am really seeking, but I think you can help me.

My father was in the German Air Force, was shot and captured by the American army and spent the rest of WWII in Camp Forrest in Tennessee. I believe he was returned to France after the war and put in a work gang for reconstruction efforts. He had fond memories and stories of his time in the camp and spoke very respectfully of his keepers through many stories and recollections of that experience. But of course I wonder what he did not tell...

I plan to come to Tullahoma next week for a motorcycle trip and to try and close some demons and doors. I am looking to see anything that still exists about the camp. My brother was once there and said there is some plaque on the side of the road and references or records in the local libraries.

Any and all info or advice is very well received.


Kind regards,

Martin Mayer
Cheltenham, Ontario



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Hi Steve

Holiday Greetings to you and all the family.

My father died 15 years ago. His name was Martin Mayer as well. He had no middle initial. He was born Altusried in Germany in July 1926. He came to Canada in the early 1950's and settled in the Toronto area. I don't know if I have any photos around but I will look for something appropriate. Perhaps something when he was younger.

Hope that helps.

Martin Mayer