Peter Berg


Camp Forrest during World War II

Mail Sent: Tue 10/28/2008

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your kind reply. I will look for pictures from that days.

Unfortunately I think there is no picture of my father's time at Wehrmacht, but I am not sure - I'll do my very best! My father was in two camps in the USA: Camp Forrest and a Camp in Oklahoma. I don't know which was the first and which place was the second.

Some further information for publishing (pictures will follow as soon as possible)

Joseph Berg, born 16.10.1922, approx. 170cm height, black (maybe curly) hair, sometimes looking glasses Medical staff (of "Luftwaffe" I think) in France captured by Canadian army (July / August ?) near Caen, France transported over the Channel to Great Britain to English army shipped with the "Mauretania"(!) to New York (September 1944?). In New York he saw a "hole" in a Skyscraper (Empire State Building?) caused by an accident of an airplane (maybe a Liberator..?)

Then he was passed by train, I think first to Oklahoma and after that to Camp Forrest but as I said do not remember exactly. He told me about an "Big Band" of the POWs in his Camp (Forrest?) which had instruments of an US army band which had become soldiers during the war. One of the POWs of his Camp made the arrangements because, he was a professional conductor.

They also made - of course illegal - brandy and things like that in the kitchen building with an apparatuses constructed by my father (he was a real genius technician!). They took it over the kitchen under the roof - and if the kitchen building exists maybe as a museum in our time it must be still there.

I saw the drawing at the website - my father told of an artist in the Camp, as far as I remember from Austria! he painted (aquarell) a view of Salzburg for my father in a letter size. I have to look if it still exists. But the style of the drawing on the website is a bit like the small aquarell!

The Wehrmacht-documents of my father (driving license especially for trucks../ medical courses license, etc.) where sent to a "central archive" for the POWs at that time my father told me. He did not get anything back later on.

So far my first information. Maybe you can publish this at every interesting place for such researches. I will try to get pictures and send to you.  Everyone who has information or questions can contact me via my private mail address:
Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Kind regards

Peter Berg


Mail Sent: Wed 10/22/2008

Dear Steve,

Today is like x-mas day for me! I found the sites about Camp Forrest where my father was as a POW 1944/45. Unfortunately he died 2000 so I cannot show him the place again which was so important for his way of thinking and living: tolerance, understanding and interest in other people and nations!

Although he was a POW (he was medical staff - no doctor, an assistant like red cross in the German Wehrmacht) he never felt like that. I did not hear any negative word about America or the staff at camp forest!!!!

He told me a lot of stories when I was a teenage boy. It was like the eBooks of now days to me: unbelievable interesting, fascinating how human life of course in such a camp could be!

I had been looking for a long time for information about camp forest - without success - till now! Maybe there is someone of the staff of that days or other POWs who are remembering Joseph Berg, born 16.10.1922?

Maybe there are photos of that days? I am interested in all information I can get!!!!!!!! And maybe I can help somebody with the stories about that days as far as I can remember.......

Kind regards from Germany

Peter Berg