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Soldiers from the Bakers and Cooks School at Camp Forrest, TN


This picture of Dr. Fox was taken at Camp Forest


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What a surprise, I did a Google search for Camp Forest TN, where I was born in 1942, and there was a picture of my dad who was an instructor in the Bakers and Cooks School there during WWII.  We had never seen this picture before and were overjoyed to know it existed.  My dad died a few years ago at 89-years of age.  Thank you for posting it, below is a copy to jog your memory:

If anyone has more pictures of the men of the Bakers and Cooks School I would love to see them.  My dad taught at that school during the whole of WWII.

Do you know if there are any Army or Government photograph archives from Camp Forest TN?

According to my mother, who is still living, I was the first baby born at the Hospital at Camp Forest TN.  The Army Doctor’s name was Dr. Fox.  If anyone knows his first name I would appreciate knowing what it was so I can search to find out what he did after the war and if he is still living. Here is a picture of Dr. Fox, maybe someone will remember him from this picture.


Robby Armstrong


I emailed Robby because I did not have his fathers full name... below is an update from Robby... Thanks Robby  -Steve

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My dad was Robert N. Armstrong and he was a Staff Sargent in the Quartermaster Corps of the Regular Army during the time he was assigned to the Bakers and Cooks School at Camp Forest TN as a Cook Instructor.   From his records it looks like he was at Camp Forrest from 1941 until 1945.

My dad is in the second row and he is the second man from the left.  He is wearing an overcoat and Garrison Cap.    I can also identify the fourth man on the second row from the left as Claude English, also wearing an overcoat and Garrison.  He was also a Cook Instructor, he and my dad were good friends during their Army careers.  I do not know Claude’s rank at the time.

Some of the permanent Army staff at the Bakers and Cooks School were transferred with my dad to the Food Service School in Fort Benning Georgia after the War.  I recognize a number of them in the picture from the late 1940s and 1950s at the Fort Benning Food Service School.  Unfortunately I do not remember their names.

During WWII my dad served at Camp Forest teaching rather than going to a combat zone because he had joined the Army in 1929 and by 1941 he was needed as an instructor because of his background.  He did serve a tour of duty in combat as a Chief Warrant Officer in the Korean War. 

My dad retired from the Army as a Chief Warrant Officer in 1959 after serving 30-years and 9-months.  He lived to be 89-years of age.

Here is a picture taken at Camp Forest TN of the Army Doctor who delivered me in March of 1942 at Camp Forest TN.  His name is Edward F. Fox MD (I found his full name since our last email).  My mother told me that I was the first baby delivered at Camp Forest.  I believe he delivered my sister at Camp Forrest in 1944 too.   If you or anyone else has any information on where Dr. Fox practiced after the War or if he stayed in the Army I would like the information.  Maybe I can contact him or his children.

I hope this helps,


Robby Armstrong