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Kenard R Schrock

PFC Kenard R. Schrock, 80th Infantry Division, 317th Infantry Regiment, Company F served as a machine gunner. He was KIA, and his family would like to hear from anyone who may remember him, or may have photos of him. PFC Schrock is mentioned in Andy Adkins book, "You Can't Get Much Closer Than This": "We started digging our OP a little deeper. Another Lieutenant From company F had been sent up to replace the one who had been hit. Lieutenant Lou Cox wasn't getting along too well. A shell had landed in a hole alongside two of his men. PFC Meyers was blown to pieces, and PFC Schrock had both his legs blown off. PFC Schrock lay there by his machine gun whimpering and quivering. There was absolutely nothing we could do for him. Captain Farrell took off his raincoat and placed it over PFC Schlock's quivering body. The machine gunner died a few minutes later." Hill 351 is just west of Morey, France, and east of the Moselle River. There were a lot of men who died on that hill, and there is reason to believe that some may have died from friendly artillery fire. The Germans had gotten hold of an American radio, and some believed that they managed to call in an American artillery strike on American positions. A few years ago, the remains of another 317th Infantryman, PFC Robert Horner were discovered before being returned to the U.S. for final internment.

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Hi Steve this will be great . I sent this info to  Terry D Janes With the He set this up for his web page So this should help.

Please click the link below. and all of this is About My Uncle Kenard R Schrock please let me know if this will be helpful and Can you let me know when you have set this up on your web page. Thank you so very much. I'm so very Grateful to Honor my Uncle Ken.  Roger McClelland and Family

I have added eleven pages of photos from the family of PFC Kenard R. Schrock, 80th Division, 317th Infantry Regiment, Company F who was KIA east of the Moselle near Morey, France.


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Hi Steve  My Uncle Kenard R Schrock ASN 33247554 he  was KIA Sept 17 1944 in Morey France on Hill 351, very close to the Moselle River.  He was a Machine Gunner In The 80th 317th Regt F Company. I He spent at least 1 year here at Camp Forest. I  have several pictures of Camp Forest and his buddies but no names on most of them. and pictures of Uncle Ken. Would you like me to send these to you. I was hoping that this might help in knowing some of his buddies and to see if they remember Kenard R Schrock.. And  hoping it may help you with adding this to your info Of Camp Forest. And Honoring these men that fought for are freedom in World war 2 and to  let them Know they have not been forgotten.  Thanks   I also Call and left you a Message on your phone.  Roger McClelland

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