Sharon L. Noel-St. Aubin  

Note: I have emailed Sharon and asked her to please elaborate.

Email sent: Fri 11/23/2007 8:14 AM

My name, on my Tullahoma Birth Certificate, is Sharon Lou Saint Aubin. I was born on August 8th, l941. It was an emergency cesarean operation performed by a visiting English Medical Officer, at the Army Hospital, Camp Forrest.  My Father, Staff Sergeant Harold F. St. Aubin, l07th Calvary, was stationed there. He was a drill instructor, and brought his pregnant wife, Jeanne E. St. Aubin, with him.  There were no incubators or provisions for babies, so the nurses made a make-shift one out of a box with cotton and a light bulb.  Much like you would for baby chicks! 
If you would be interested, I can send you, by snail mail as I have no scanner, pictures of my Mom sitting on the Hospital steps, me as a new born, my birth certificate, and a picture of my Dad in uniform. Three months after I was born he was reassigned to Fort Ord, Monterrey, CA.  Both Mom and Dad have passed away, in l986 and l997, respectively.
The complete story about the circumstances of the emergency birth, is very interesting. If you are interested I will be glad to elaborate.
Sincerely, Sharon L. Noel-St.Aubin
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