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Vicki Young
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Email sent: Thu 8/26/2010 10:12 AM


Hi Steve,

I found your website by accident. My beloved father was at Camp Forrest 1941-1942 then off to fight in the Pacific Theater. I have his 33 Division Pictorial History Army of the United States Camp Forrest 1941-1942 but you most likely have seen this before. I recently had the Japanese Flag he brought back framed along with some Japanese Yen. I have a V-mail to his mother that I will frame soon.

Also, my Grandmother had torn the March 21, 1941 newspaper and I have a yellowed picture of him and others in a Pullman car leaving Danville, Il. He never talked about his service until prior to his death so I know little about his service time. I would like to know what the Japanese Flag says, I believe it is a prayer flag. Vicki Young daughter of John Henry Watson