Wolfgang Reiszmann


Mr. Louis Speltz


Mr. Andersen

Camp Forrest during World War II

Message Sun 1/21/2007:
Hallo Steve,
Last but not least a theatre-poster.
There is no information about a camp on the back-side. Now You have very much to do with this "artifacts"!
Many greetings from Germany!
Message Sun 1/21/2007:
A theatre-scene (there are still some other scenes, if you want). All fotos with the back-side-stamp of Sidney Waitzman /Camp Forrest.

2 Photographs

A football-team, my father is the 2nd of right in the behind row.
Here the text of every foto on the back-side:

Message Tuesday, January 9th, 2007:
Hallo Steve,
Now I send You the copy of the Christmas-Card of my father with all stations of his time as a POW. I hope, You can use it.
All my best wishes to You for 2007!

Reply: January 12, 2007
I will get to this card soon. I want to thank you for sending it. Would you please write me a paragraph or two on your father for me to publish with the card? And best wishes to you also Wolfgang.



Message Tuesday, January 9th, 2007:
Hallo Steve,
Excuse me please, if I have at first some questions to your last email. Did you got the copy of the "Christmas card" ? There was to fear, that there was too much bytes for your email-letter-box? But I thought, that I take the original format/size for Your use. The next question: What about "a paragraph or two"? Do You want some information about my father or a "license" to publish the fotos.
About my father ones more the important facts:  
My father Erich Reissmann was born on 20th of Nov.1925 and he was 19 years old and as a young soldier without any combat mission he became a prisoner of the US-Army in January 1944, when they came to Italy. After stays in  Indianola (Nebraska), Algona and Charles City (Iowa) Fairmont, New Ulm and St. Charles (Minnesota), he came to Camp Forrest in Tullahoma (Tennessee) from March 1945 till February 1946. After that he was delivered to France and there began a very hard time for the German prisoner.
Because of a "license": My father permits You to publish all documents and he is deeply stirred, that there is so much interest today.
So - and now You get the next foto as a combination of some littles. And there is also my greatest interest, to get the address of the farmers Speltz or Andersen in Altura Minn.  
I don't know, if it's possible to get the address by publishing the fotos in a newspaper of this region?
Then I send separate You some other fotos - only with a short comment. 
Good luck!