Excerpts from
Hospital on Wheels

By Leo E. Ours, Jr.
Leo has contributed over the years to this web site and I am more than happy to include the following excerpts from his book

Leo Ours Jr.

Sent: 10/19/2006
Subject: Camp Forrest Photos

Camp Forrest Photos as promised...The quality is lacking but they are hard to locate. Thanks, for permitting me to use the photos already posted to your site.....


Camp Forrest during World War II


Email sent: Friday, November 10th, 2006


Steve, I am typing up a 1997 visit my parents made to to Tullahoma, Tennessee to retrace their steps and were directed to Couch's Photography Store. It seems Bob's wife is related to the owner of the boarding house where my mother stayed in 1942. In addition, I am close to publishing the book of my father's memoirs that chronicles his 16 months at Camp Forrest as well as his experience as a medical technician treating the wounded in Europe in 1944-45. I have a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Couch and my parents in Bob's shop when they first met. I will get back with you in a few days...Leo
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