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This page was created for friends of Camp Forrest seeking information from those that were there, and those who had friends or relatives who were at Camp Forrest and passed on their memories. We hope this helps cut down on the confusion and time spent looking through every entry to find information.  Thanks.

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I ran across your site today and want to let you know that I'm in the middle of a graphic novel about my Dad & WWII that features Camp Forrest. I've been working from a wealth of photos he took. "You'll Never Know" Part I will be out in March of '09. - Carol Tyler


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Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee Camp Forrest Oral History Project Debuts at Arnold AFB by Phillip Lorenz III
"African-American have engaged and fought for their country and issues since the Civil War,"

Major Semester Project World History by Jacob Worthington
Interviews of Three People Who Worked at a World War II POW Facility, Camp Forrest, near Tullahoma
May 01, 2008

Enemies are Human by John A. Heitmann, Ph.D.
A paper presented to the the Dayton Christian-Jewish Dialogue
May 10,1998

Brief Timeline - Camp Forrest
The camp was a training area for infantry, artillery, engineer, and signal organizations. It also served as a hospital center and temporary encampment area for troops during...
Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee Camp Forrest, Previously Named Camp Peay
The camp, named after Civil War Cavalry Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, was originally...

Homestead United Methodist Church By Jim Bridges
All 1,300 buildings were to be dismantled, including a dozen chapels. On August 7, 1946 the United States of America deeded lot number 306 to the church trustees...

Living in Tullahoma during WWII  By Jim Bridges
My first recollection of WWII goes back before the attack on Pearl Harbor, to the day my father drove to a construction site just outside Tullahoma to show my mother, sister...

Letters home written by Pfc. Mitchell J. Dabrowski Contributed by Durham Caldwell
Tennessee Maneuvers of 1943...

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